A Senior spokesMODEL Photo Frenzy

We are having a Photo Frenzy here today!
Too many pictures for one blog post, so here are a few collages that I made.
Check out the pictures in their full beauty on our Facebook page. 


Sandy and Tamara
Now & Then Photography


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A Few Words from our 2014 Senior Models

Here are a few words from our 2014 Senior Models about
their exprience at Now & Then Photogrpahy:

"Being a 2014 Senior Model was an amazing experience. Being in front of the camera can be a little intimidating at first, but Sandy and Tamara make it fun and always keep it interesting! Now and Then Photography does an awesome job and I would recommend them to anyone. Incoming Senior Models: have fun and be you! Your pictures will turn out beautifully if you just be yourself :) It's exciting and it's a wonderful experience!" -Brittany

"My experience with Now and Then Photography was absolutely incredible! Being a model for Now and Then was one of the best choices I have ever made! Some aspects of my experience that I enjoyed are the amazing facilities and picture opportunities provided to you. All of the wondrous rooms they have in their studio in town and their beautiful scenes in their outdoor settings truly provide millions of ideal picture opportunities! If I were to give some advice to the future seniors about their senior pictures, it would be to book early and to book with Now and Then Photography. My experience behind the 

camera made me feel like a princess! The way that Tamara and Sandy would always check to make sure thateverything was perfect for every shot made me feel like the most special person in the world! Whether it was from a stray hair to hand placement, it was all perfectly set! One of my favorite memories with Sandy and Tamara was when we were shooting vintage shots in the basement of the studio and Tamara was holding the ice light literally feet away from me, but yet wasn't visible in the picture! I am proud to represent such a great company as Now and The  Photography! The experience was spectacular and the pictures are the best I have ever seen! They all turned out perfect! I am very happy I chose Now and Then Photography and I will have these memories for the rest of my life!"  -Tasha

"I had a blast taking pictures with Now and Then Photography. I would go there again. I plan on taking more pictures. So Class of 2015 don’t miss this." -Karlee

"Being a model for Now and Then Photography was dream I have had since I became a High Schooler. I have always wanted Sandy and Tamara to do my photos. So when I got the email saying I got to be model for them I legitly jumped up and down! The Juinors of 2014 I recommend you to be a Senior Model. You'll have so much fun! Yes, you have responsibilitys but trust me they arnt that hard. I like how Sandy and Tamara get to know you know, and make your picture about you. It shows your true self, personality and so much more. No matter how uncomfortable positions they put you in. You always know the pictures will come out perfectly. A thing Now and Then photography had taught me a "camera can take a second to capture a photo, but its the photo takes memories that last a lifetime." Trust me when I look thru my senior photos, ill have many memories with Now and Then. I only seen my indoor session, but I know when I see my outdoor session. Ill have tears rolling down my face. If you guys and gals want your senior year to be the best you have to get a session or a be Model for Now and Then. You'll have a blast! I can't                                    
thank Sandy and Tamara enough." -Kelli
If you are interested in becoming a Senior spokesMODEL for the Class of 2015
click here  to apply. Deadline is March 21.
Sandy and Tamara
Now & Then Photography



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Senior spokesMODEL Search-Class of 2015

What is a Senior spokesMODEL?
A Senior spokesMODEL (SSM) is someone who will confidently represent Now & Then Photography and will share their experience with family, friends and classmates.  Each 2015 SSM will enjoy a Free In-Studio Model Session during our Model Week.
What do I get for being a SSM?
If you are chosen to be a SSM you and a parent will need to sign a SSM agreement and you receive all of this:
-In-Studio Model Session with Hair & Makeup
    to take place during Model Week April 15-20.
-Additional Outdoor Session for only $50 (Before July 1st)
-A custom SSM Photo Album App to share
-Facebook Timeline Cover & Facebook Images
-Earn Print Credits through Senior Referrals and Model Missions
-Earn a $100 Visa Gift Card when get 5 Senior Referrals
What is a Senior Referral?
A Senior Referral is someone who books and pays for their Senior Session and says your name when booking.
Your Senior Referral will receive a $50 print credit and you, the SSM, will receive a $100 Print Credit.
Do I qualify to be a Senior spokesMODEL?
•You must be graduating from high school in 2015
•Sign a Senior Model Agreement and Model Release (parent’s permission is mandatory)
•Be outgoing and willing to share your experience and images with everyone
•Must be a fan of Now & Then Photography on Facebook
   (Instagram & Pinterest if applicable)
Deadline to apply is March 21.  
Remember you must have your parents permission, please discuss with them before applying.
Click here to apply to be a Senior spokesMODEL

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